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What Are FAs Thankful For?

Investopedia asked several advisors what they’re thankful for in 2020. Here are highlights from three of the many responses.

  • thanksgiving happy 1060140 640Mary Beth Storjohann, Founder, Workable Wealth is grateful for “a supportive team of colleagues, amazing clients, and the ability to continue to use creativity when it comes to inspiring people to make smarter choices with their money.”
  • Dasarte Yarnway, Founder & Managing Director, Berknell Financial Group is grateful “to be a symbol of possibility for the many people across continents—regardless of race, region, or creed—that with faith, work, and discipline, you can design the life of your dreams.”
  • Taylor Schulte, Founder & CEO of Define Financial, is “grateful for gaining confidence to get more personal and vulnerable with clients—something I've always struggled with.”

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