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Which Pandemic-related Changes Will FAs Adopt Long-Term?

This past year ushered in some changes that are likely to stick around. In fact, 60% of advisors say they plan to, or may consider, a permanent virtual/in-office hybrid arrangement for their teams, according to a new survey of 396 financial advisors by InCapital.

write 593333 640More than half (55%) felt their teams were, or might be, more productive working from home. They noted several key benefits of working from home:

  • 65% of advisors said they had time to increase communications with clients
  • 49% spent time improving how they serve clients
  • 30% said they will be or are considering reducing the size of their office space
  • 16% said they may eliminate office space altogether

Back to the Office

Just shy of half (42%) returned to their offices as of December 2020, while 34% expect to return in the first half of 2021. Meanwhile, 11% plan to return in the back half of the year and 13% do not expect to return at all this year.

Half of the advisors surveyed said they are waiting until the second half of 2021 or later to meet clients in person. Only 12% of advisors said they have in-person meetings with clients now, and 38% said they would in the first half of 2021.

Most (67%) said they are not concerned about how clients and prospects react to them working from home. In terms of prospecting, the vast majority (96%) said they were comfortable meeting with prospects virtually; and 67% said prospecting and selling could be done effectively via virtual meetings. In fact, 45% of advisors said they had six or more virtual prospecting meetings in 2020 with a success rate of 22%.

For more survey results, read the full press release.

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